Trending Now: C-SPAN Special Caller

Here’s a look at some of the top trending stories online

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Here’s a look at some of the top trending stories online.

Two political pundits on C-SPAN discussing political divide in the country got an unexpected call on air– from their mother. Joyce Woodhouse said she called in to keep the peace between the family for the holidays. She added that her kids have a tendency to “run their mouths.”

Duchess Kate is working to help those less fortunate. She is promoting the "Better Prepared" campaign, which aims to help disadvantaged children across the UK. Tuesday she joined a newly-formed beaver scout group to do some fun activities like frosting cupcakes while blindfolded, then trying to eat them with boxing gloves on. At the end of the day she presented a disability awareness badge to all the children who spent the day with her.

Justin Timberlake choked up at on stage at one of his concerts. A young fan at one the concert gave him a bow tie, making the singer pretty teary-eyed. The 10-year-old who presented it to him was wearing, of course, a suit and tie. Justin told him, "You can never have too many bow ties."

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