CEO Corner: Picknelly's Role in the Springfield, Mass. Casino Battle

(NECN) - Peter Picknelly, the CEO of Peter Pan Bus Lines, has been a major partner in the effort to bring a Penn Gaming casino to Springfield, Mass. But recently, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno announced he is officially backing the MGM proposal instead.

The MGM plan is one that has been endorsed by Picknelly's brother, bringing an interesting sibling rivalry into the mix.

"My brother and I get along well. I love my brother - his view for a Springfield casino was in the south end, my view for traffic concerns and residential issues was in the north end," Picknelly said. "We actually agree way more than we disagree. We both agree that a casino in downtown Springfield benefits western Mass. significantly, we just disagree where."

Picknelly takes the time to respond to the Mayor's announcement, and talks about how he and his brother agree the city should have a casino.

To hear his feelings about Springfield and the casino battle, watch the attached video.

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