Food Fads

Boston Business Editors also made predictions about ballot questions and the Red Sox

Boston Business Editors joined NECN to talk about the demise of Crumbs cupcakes and other food fads.  

George Donnelly, Boston Business Journal Editor, and Shirley Leung, Boston Globe Associate Editor, discussed.

“Everybody seems to be opening up a cupcake bakery so I don’t think it came as any surprise. I think what came as a surprise was how sudden it was,” Leung said. “It’s just like the stock market, right? Any hot stock, everyone jumps in and thinks that they can make money right away.”

“A lot of these businesses are perfectly fine as small businesses. Costs can be controlled; they don’t expand unless they’re absolutely certain they can. But when you launch a public company based on a concept like this and you get capital, investors expect you to grow rapidly, expand rapidly,” Donnelly added.

In addition, the editors made predictions about other ballot questions and the Red Sox.

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