McDonald's Accidentally Gave a Customer $5,000 in Cash. He Went Viral on TikTok After Returning It

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A good Samaritan has gone viral on TikTok after sharing his memorable experience at a McDonald's drive thru.

Josiah Vargas claims he was picking up his breakfast order when he realized that the employee at the window had given him more than he ordered.

"I just went to McDonald's and they just handed me my Sausage McMuffin and this bag," he says in the video which has been watched more than 2 million times and received nearly 500,000 likes, revealing the contents to be several clear plastic bags stuffed with cash.

While sitting in the parking lot outside of the McDonald's, Vargas estimated that he had accidentally been given $5,000.

"And now I have to return this because I'm a good person, I guess," he said. "Why would you guys do this to me? Do you know how bad I want this money? Why put me in this situation?"

Vargas discreetly recorded himself walking back into the restaurant and approaching the employees with the bag, jokingly asking if they were "laundering money out of here."

"Oh my god, I really want to give you a hug," a McDonald's employee can be heard saying as Vargas hands the bag over. "I want to take a picture of you."

Later, a smiling Vargas says that the employees thanked him profusely, with several allegedly brought to tears by his act of service.

The workers first rewarded Vargas by telling him that his next month of McDonald's orders would be free, but decided to give him even more when he was pulling out.

"When I was driving away they called me back in to give me $200," he said. "Do good, people. Return $5,000 and get $200 and free McDonald's for a month. Good trade value."

A representative for McDonald's did not immediately respond to CNBC Make It's request for comment.

On his TikTok profile, Vargas has shared a link to a GoFundMe page where he is hoping to raise $5,000. As of Monday afternoon, it received six donations totaling $145.

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