Over 400 New Coronavirus Cases Reported Across New England Wednesday

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A total of 433 new coronavirus cases and 21 deaths were reported in New England states on Wednesday.

Massachusetts' official coronavirus death toll rose by 18 Wednesday as 192 new cases were confirmed, health officials said.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has now confirmed 8,249 deaths and 107,413 cases.

As of Tuesday, 6,295 people had tested positive for the virus in New Hampshire, an increase of 36 cases. Two new deaths were announced, for a total of 402.

Maine reported no new confirmed cases or deaths on Wednesday, leaving the state's total confirmed case count at 3,723. The state reports that a total of 118 people have died in the state from the virus.

Vermont reported two new cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday for a total of 1,366 cases so far. The number of deaths has remained at 56 for a month.

Gov. Charlie Baker said the state is doing a "deep dive" into the numbers, but early data indicates the national trend of people in their 20s and 30s getting infected with the coronavirus is being seen here as well.

On Tuesday, Rhode Island reported 76 new positive cases and one new fatality. The state's total confirmed cases count is 18,062, including 997 fatalities.

Connecticut on Tuesday reported 127 new cases and no new deaths. The total number of confirmed cases is now at 48,223 , with 4,406 fatalities.

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