Groton Man Accused of Threatening Woman With Shotgun: Police

A Groton man accused of making sexual advances toward a woman who came back to his home is also accused of threatening her with a shotgun, police said.

A woman reported that she had met Alexander Pickett, 31, of Groton, at a bar in New London just after midnight on March 9 and they went back to Pickett's residence on Buddington Road. 

While she was there, Pickett pulled out a shotgun, but put it away after she asked him to do so, police said.

Quickly after putting the gun away, he began to make sexual advances toward the victim and she told police she hit Pickett in the face with a drinking glass, cutting her own hand in the process, according to Groton Police. 

Pickett then grabbed his shotgun again and started to point it at the woman, saying he would shoot her, police said.

The victim begged for him not to kill her and eventually convinced him to go to the gas station to get her cigarettes, police said. 

When they were at the gas station, the victim called a taxi to come pick her up. 

On March 10, police located Pickett at home and executed a search warrant at the residence. Groton Police found an AR-15 lower receiver.

Pickett turned himself into police on Thursday and was charged with threatening, reckless endangerment, possession of an assault weapon and carrying a firearm while under the influence.

His bond was set at $100,000. 

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