‘Extremely Unusual': Police Investigate Maine Man's Mysterious Disappearance

The Brunswick Police Commander said it's extremely unusual to have very few clues in a disappearance

BREAKING UPDATE: Daniel Gagnon's body has been found, according to family and his employer

Earlier story below:

Police say it's like someone planned the perfect disappearance. Daniel Gagnon, 26, of Brunswick, Maine was reported missing nearly one week ago, leaving behind no clues.

"We know very little about his disappearance, and that's the thing that's frustrating all of us," said Brunswick Police Commander Thomas Garrepy. "It's extremely unusual to have very few clues."

For the first time, his family is speaking out about the mysterious circumstances.

"For him to go without a trace like he didn't exist is just unreal," said Gagnon's sister-in-law, Krystal Brewer.

She said Gagnon loved his job working security at Bowdoin College, and had plans to buy a house in the Brunswick area. She said he was happy in his relationship, loved his niece and stepdaughter, and kept in close touch with friends and family. No one had any indication something could be wrong.

"He was happy... so it makes it even harder," said Brewer. "Where would somebody like that go? And why?"

Police believe Gagnon left his home on Pleasant Street on foot sometime Wednesday afternoon. He left his car and bicycle behind, only taking his cell phone, which has been turned off.

Commander Gerrapy said his cell phone pinged in the area of Pleasant Hill Road, but the cell phone location information is still vast, and includes difficult terrain to search.

Investigators have scoured surveillance footage, examined computer searches, probed whether Gagnon had troubles with substance abuse or mental health -- but all of it has turned up empty.

"We just ask the public to call us with any information that they have," he said.

Police and the Maine Warden Service plan to resume search efforts in the area Wednesday.

Brewer said friends and volunteers have been coordinating their own search parties. She hopes the public will keep circulating Gagnon's photo, to keep his case in the spotlight.

"Your niece, your stepdaughter, they miss you and they want you back," she said.

A spokesman for Bowdoin College said: "Dan is a valued employee. We share the deep concern of his family and friends, and that of local authorities who are trying to locate him, and we are doing what we can to assist.”

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