DA: Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting at Motel Was Justified

A fatal officer-involved shooting at a motel in Braintree, Massachusetts, was justified, according to the Norfolk District Attorney’s office. 

Officials say on May 5, Braintree officers responded to the Motel 6 on Union Street to deliver a restraining order to a man, who officers learned had an active kidnapping warrant. 

That man, Tizaya Robinson, 69, disobeyed officers’ orders to open the door and fired through the closed door, striking an officer in the face, officials determined.

After a few moments without gunfire, officers heard additional shots ring out and returned fire.

Once they entered the room, officials confirmed Robinson had died. According to the DA, he sustained a self-inflicted gunshot injury, which was not immediately fatal. A second bullet, which was fired by an officer, was determined to have killed Robinson.

It was not possible to determine which officer fired the fatal bullet. 

The Norfolk DA ruled Thursday the officers' use of force was justified. 

The injured officer has since recovered. 

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