Family Horse Dies in Cesspool in Newton, Massachusetts

"He was more than just a pet; he was a member of the family." 

A family's horse in Newton, Massachusetts, has died after sinking into a cesspool. 

Police responded to the home on Dudley Rd. on March 13. 

The horse was standing in the backyard when it suddenly sank into the ground, past its head. Authorities tried to rescue the animal, using a backhoe in attempt to dig the horse out. 

When animal rescue teams and a veterinarian arrived on scene, they determined that the horse died of neurogenic shock. 

The family did not want to talk to the media, but they did release the above quote in addition to saying they had "Ultra" for over 30 years and that he even vacationed with the family on Martha's Vineyard.

"Ultra" was an American Quarter Horse; he shared a stable with a Sicilian donkey.

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