Hull, Massachusetts, Firefighter Charged with Passing Fake Oxycodone Prescriptions

At least one of the transactions took place while he was in uniform and operating a fire truck

A Hull, Massachusetts, firefighter pleaded not guilty to allegedly passing fraudulent prescriptions for oxycodone and other drugs.

Forty-five-year-old William Hatfield of Plymouth was arrested Thursday. The nine-year department veteran faced six charges of passing fradulent prescriptions for drugs, including oxycodone, Friday in Plymouth District Court. Hatfield allegedly obtained the prescriptions by using a forms taken from a Weymouth clinic where he had been chief paramedic.

The alleged transactions took place between May and September of 2014 in various South Shore towns, and included one occasion of Hatfield attempting to pass a fraudulent prescription while dressed in his firefighter's uniform and operating a Hull fire truck. 

Hatfield, who is married with two children, declined to talk on camera, but told reporters the charges were ruining his life and that he had a distinguished career as a firefighter and paramedic.

He's due back in court Jan. 15 and has been ordered to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

The Hull Fire Department said it is conducting an internal investigation and there will be a civil service hearing; meanwhile, they say Hatfield has been placed on paid adminstrative leave pending the outcome of the charges and hearings.

The matter remains under investigation.

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