Massachusetts Music Hall Receives Threatening Letter Ahead of Concert

Brighton Music Hall hosted a concert to end gun violence

Massachusetts police are investigating who sent a threatening letter to the Brighton Music Hall ahead of a concert to prevent gun violence on Sunday night.

According to staff members, the letter was sent to not only their club, but others hosting similar events around the country as part of a national campaign by Concerts Across America to End Gun Violence.

necn obtained a copy of the letter that was sent to a Seattle venue. It included a photo of Jackson Browne, an artist headlining the anti-gun show in New York City. Under his picture, the sender wrote, "Were gunna drill this (expletive) right between the eyes."

An identical letter was sent to the Brighton venue, which prompted Boston Police officers to sit on patrol out the music hall throughout Sunday's show.

"With any controversial issue you want to try to find common ground," said Jane Dornbusch, a concert coordinator for Concerts Across America.

Dornbusch organized the Brighton event. Following the shootings in San Bernardino, California, she said she felt compelled to do something to address gun safety in the United States. While they have made strides, she acknowledges just how divisive and contentious the issue is in the public.

"I feel horrified, angry," said Dornbusch. "I feel rage and outrage, and I feel powerless. And I took on this role because I was tired of feeling powerless about this issue."

Sunday's show went on as planned in Brighton, although security remained in place until the end.

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