Police: Driver Survives Crash With Steel Beams

Police say a Massachusetts driver is lucky to be alive after striking steel beams.

Sutton Police say the driver was traveling on Dudley Road when it struck some steel beams being unloaded by a forklift at a home. According to police, the accident happened with such force that one steel beam sheared through the car, then snapped a utility pole in half, leaving the upper part of the pole dangling in the air.

Sutton MA steel beam crash 2
Sutton Police Department

Another 120-pound steel beam was launched into a large oak tree.

Police say the driver was injured, but survived. The driver is believed to have been going about 40-50 mph.

"A little more towards the center of the car and this story would have a much different ending," the department said on its Facebook page.

Authorities added that utility crews were making repairs.

The accident is under investigation. 

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