Tim Jones

Vietnam Vet Desperately Searching for Missing Service Dog in Woburn, Mass.

Heartbroken and sick with worry, Vietnam veteran Chuck Colacchio is desperately searching for his service dog Sam, who’s been missing from Mary Cummings Park in Woburn, Massachusetts since last Thursday.

"Each day that goes by it gets worse you know," said Colacchio.

The Green Beret and the 85-pound Ridgeback/hound mix are inseparable, as Sam helps Chuck with everything from his laundry to picking up on sounds Chuck may not hear.

"He’s there with me all the time, we’re literally inches apart," said Colacchio. "And he just looks over his shoulder to see if I’m there."

Colacchio says he and his dog were walking down a path when something spooked Sam, who took off down a fence line into the woods, dragging his leash behind him.

"Our great concern is he could be caught in a branch or debris of the wooded area, entangled," said Melissa Loperfido Dutro.

Dutra is one of the volunteers with Missing Dogs Massachusetts who have been tirelessly searching for Sam, putting up countless fliers and walking the woods.

"We immediately set out bedding of the dog to get a familiar scent," said Dutra. "Some clothing of the owner, also we got him some fresh, hot food set that out and also set a trail camera."

The non-profit group even called in a professional pilot who flew a drone with an infrared camera over 120 acres of woods near where Sam went missing.

Chuck is willing to try anything to find his best friend.

"He means everything, I don’t know what it’s going to be if I don’t get him back," said Colacchio while fighting back tears. 

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