Virgin Mary Statue Vandalized Outside Church in Billerica, Massachusetts

For the third time since Easter weekend, police are investigating vandalism at a Catholic church in Massachusetts.

A statue of the Virgin Mary was desecrated outside St. Mary's Church in Billerica.

"What is wrong with people?" asked Scott Little. "what is wrong with the person that did this?"

Saddened parishioners like Little are looking at the damage for themselves after a statue here at St. Mary's in Billerica was vandalized overnight.

Broken pieces were left behind - this just the latest in a string of disturbing crimes where religious statues have been targeted. The day before, in nearby Burlington, three statues were hit at St. Margaret Parish.

The Virgin Mary had her head and hands cut off, and at the church's crucifixion scene, the hands were cut from a second Virgin Mary statue along with a statue of St. John.

All of this came just days after a Virgin Mary statue at St. Catherine of Siena in Norwood was spray-painted in black.

"We don’t really know why someone would do something like this," said parishioner Michael Hawes. "Maybe it's a prank, maybe it's kids, who knows. I just hope they find the people who did it."

There are three churches in Billerica that are part of the same Catholic community, and now there's talk of trying to protect all of the statues on their grounds from being attacked.

"We're thinking if we could set up a watch that would be great," said Hawes.

Police are investigating whether the same person could be responsible for the crimes.

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