Walgreens to Offer Discount Narcan in Gloucester, Mass.

In Gloucester, Massachusetts, where police are fighting to combat drug addiction by recognizing it as an illness, Walgreens will offer Narcan at a discounted price to uninsured people.

The pharmacy has agreed to join the Gloucester Program, in which police have offered to subsidize the recovery drug's cost to those without insurance.

In a statement Wednesday, Gloucester Police said that Walgreens "jumped on board to help keep the police department's costs low."

"Your vision for Gloucester aligns with Walgreens' purpose to 'champion everyone's right to be happy and healthy,'" Gloucester store manager Joel Parr and pharmacy manager Beth Calomo wrote in a joint letter to Chief Leonard Campanello, released in the statement. "We pledge to do our part in helping the people of Gloucester get, stay and live well."

As a part of the program, the city's police department announced it would not arrest addicts seeking help.

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