Record Warm Winter Comes to a Close

Pattern Shifts Colder

For the 4th time time month, our high temperature hit 60 or better in Boston. What's more, EVERY SINGLE HIGH TEMPERATURE in the New England list was either a record tying temperature or a record breaker. As you know our climate is incredibly variable in New England. So to see that on any given day is flat-out incredible. This concludes the meteorological winter of 2015-16. It will go down in the books as the warmest on record in many major cities across New England.

No time to revel in the warmth.We're quickly turning the page because we have to. A fast-moving storm system is racing eastbound towards New England, and before you can say, "Has spring sprung?" it will be on top of us with wintry weather and rain and wind.

Tuesday we'll just have enough time to catch our breath before the clouds start rolling in. Precipitation will hold off until after dark, but it will start as some spotty sleet across Western and Central Massachusetts before going over to rain. Elsewhere, the cold will be sufficient to start as a burst of snow in Northern New England before turning to mix and rain toward Wednesday morning.

All told, north of Rutland, Lebanon and Hollis, Maine, we'll have some accumulation before changeover. As much as 3-6 in the northern mountains of all three states. Even more in Aroostook County. Then like a shot, it will be gone by afternoon.

Beware, however. Temperatures will shoot up first thing Wednesday morning before crashing back down by afternoon. And I do mean crash – think Dave Matthews Band here. 50s through the morning drive in Southern New England will crumble to the 30s by evening.

Thereafter, the cold will hold into the weekend. Is it a trend? Not really. More like a cold "speed bump" in between warmups. Another should follow next week.

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