Vermont Lawmakers Call on Sheriff Accused of Sexual Assault to Resign

Sheriff Peter Newton is accused of sexual assault, unlawful restraint, and other forms of violence

Vermont Sheriffs’ Association

Calls are growing for an elected sheriff in Vermont to resign from his job, after he was accused of several violent crimes.

Sheriff Peter Newton of Addison County was arrested earlier this week, following a months-long investigation by Vermont State Police detectives. Newton is accused of sexually assaulting a woman he knows, as well as other violent acts.

In court earlier this week, Newton entered not guilty pleas to four accusations against him. He was released on conditions, including that he keep his distance from the alleged victim and attend all future court hearings.

Now, Addison County’s entire Democratic delegation to the Vermont Legislature has called on Newton to step down, saying they’d push to impeach him if the Legislature were in session.

Two state senators and seven state representatives joined High Bailiff Dave Silberman in saying the serious allegations against Newton mean he’s no longer fit or trustworthy to serve. Many of the lawmakers supported Newton in his 2018 election for office, according to a statement released by the delegation.

After denying the allegations against him on Tuesday, Newton told reporters, "I’m still the sheriff."

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