New York

Convicted Felon Wanted in Vermont Shooting

Wisher has ties to Yonkers, Troy, New York City and Charleston, S.C.

A man with a history of violent behavior is wanted by police in Vermont after a Sunday morning shooting.

Alfred Wisher, 37, was identified by witnesses as the shooter, Burlington police said. Wisher allegedly approached 28-year-old Khyann Jones in front of a home on Clarke Street around 8:50 a.m. and shot him after a brief argument. He then ran away down Elmwood Avenue.

Jones was unresponsive with a gunshot wound when police found him. He was brought to the University of Vermont Medical Center for treatment, and was in critical condition as of 3:40 p.m.

Wisher is a convicted felon, according to Burlington police, and has ties to several cities in New York as well as Charleston, South Carolina. He goes by the nickname "Wish Kid" and knew Jones personally.

The firearm used in the shooting has not been recovered. The Burlington Police Department considers the suspect to be armed and dangerous.

The investigation is ongoing.

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