Worker Allegedly Blew Snow on Man's Truck, Threatened Him With Knife

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A Maine man has been arrested after pulling a knife in a disagreement over snow removal.

The parking lot at the Shaw's grocery store location in Wiscasset was being cleared of snow Tuesday. That was when, according to police, a man went back to his truck and saw a worker blowing snow on it.

"One of the workers was blowing snow up against his truck. He asked him to stop, he kept doing it," said Wiscasset Police Chief Larry Hesseltine.

At that point, the worker, 36-year-old Christopher Perkins, who is known to police, escalated the argument by allegedly drawing a knife and saying he'd "slit" the truck owner's throat.

Police say Perkins even took the dispute a step further, saying he'd shoot the truck owner with a gun if he reported what happened.

The other man called police anyway. A sergeant arrived a short time later.

"He detected Mr. Perkins had been drinking and ultimately arrested him for violating bail conditions and threatening," said Hesseltine.

Perkins has since posted bail and is scheduled to appear in court in January.

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