Authorities Warn of ‘Aggressive’ Eversource Impostor Scam

People posing as Eversource representatives are becoming more aggressive in their tactics to obtain money from unsuspecting customers, the company said. In many cases, the tactics have been successful.

Those posing as company representatives have been making telephone calls and going door to door with "aggressive" and "deceptive" marketing tactics to sell "discounted power," according to a news release from Eversource.

In some cases, those posing as Eversource representatives have even threatened to cut the power to the customer's home unless an immediate payment was made.

“That’s terrible that someone would try to trick another person into giving them money," said Robin Bristol, an Eversource customer from Naugatuck.

The warning has gone out to Eversource customers in Connecticut and throughout New England.

“We’re hearing from thousands of our customers who continue to be negatively impacted by these dishonest solicitations," wrote Penni Conner, Eversource senior vice president and chief customer pfficer.

“To prey on the helpless is sad," said Charlene Peyre, an Eversource customer from Naugatuck. "It’s very sad.”

Naugatuck Police posted a warning on its department Facebook page on Tuesday, warning about the strong-minded scammers.

“When they start getting aggressive like that, it should be a huge red flag that something’s not right," said Lt. Bryan Cammarata, of the Naugatuck Police Department.

Eversource reminds customers to never give out personal or utility bill information until it can be verified that the person soliciting is an actual company representative. If something strikes the customer as suspicious, hang up the telephone or close the door, then call the company and law enforcement.

“This can happen anywhere and, obviously, these scams keep coming up because people are falling for them, they’re doing them," Lt. Cammarata said.

Eversource said it takes each concern, documents it and then sends it on to state regulators to look into. Any customer with concerns can call 1(800)-286-2000.

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