Bright Weather Returns Ahead of Midweek Rain

Sunny skies return today, but temperatures will stay below average.


Returning sunshine to New England Sunday marks the start of a dry and brighter period for the six-state region, at least for a couple of days.  As is often the case this time of the year, dry air also means cool air of Canadian origin, so high temperatures both Sunday and Monday will be held in the 40s with a northwest wind noticeably strongest on Sunday, producing a wind chill in the 30s for even our warmest communities.  The real-world impact for all of us: if you’re running errands or decorating outside, you’ll want to be dressed for a brisk day, and be aware of wind gusts if up on the ladder stringing Christmas lights!  In Central, Eastern and Northern Maine, another coating to one inch of snow will fall Sunday before snow showers taper to sprinkles and flurries. Otherwise, our return to work and school will be marked by Sunday night wind chill values in the teens, but less wind Monday with temperatures in the 40s actually feeling like it.

Clouds will increase Monday evening as a series of energetic atmospheric disturbances begin to coalesce over the Midwest, moving east into the Great Lakes.  This developing storm will pull warm air northward across the Eastern United States, and the clash between our antecedent cool and incoming warmth will mean developing rain showers south on Tuesday, with a developing light wintry mix in Northern New England.  Before too long Tuesday, even much of Northern New England will transition to mostly raindrops, though the mountains of Northern New Hampshire and Maine will probably see some snow accumulation before making that change.  With multiple rounds of energy producing a few storm centers that will follow similar paths near New England, expect off and on rain to continue through Thursday, delivering a much-needed one to two inches of rain to drought-stricken New England.  Conveniently for those with weekend plans, it looks like rain departs in time for next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with cool air and Canadian border snow showers returning, but fair weather expected to round out the exclusive NECN 10-day forecast.

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