Mostly Sunny, Followed by Cool Night

We are on a roll the last few weeks with sunshine for Sunday. Our good fortune is maybe Texas' bad fortune.

There's a blocking pattern in the atmosphere, as Harvey is stalled near Houston. A nice Canadian high-pressure system has stalled over the state of Maine.

High barometer (measurement of atmospheric air pressure), means low thermometer as this morning some stations were down in the 30s.

At least two stations cooled to a record low 36 degrees, one in Presque Isle, Maine, and the other in New Hartford, Connecticut.

But thanks to blue sky this morning, the late August sun is warming us up to the lower 70s this afternoon. There's not much wind, but could get a little bit gusty along the south coast from the east.

The dewpoint reading in the 40s, this is about as dry an air-mass as we get in August. This also means as soon as the sun goes down so will the temperature once again, with lows generally in the 40s lower 50s, but a few isolated 30s are possible. And valley fog will be around at sunrise tomorrow.

Tomorrow's weather looks very similar to today, with plenty of sunshine, and a few fair weather clouds, high in the lo 70s. It'll be a bit cooler at higher elevations, and near the ocean. Wind light and variable in northern New England, from the east in southern New England perhaps gusting to 20 miles per hour along the south coast.

The weather map for Tuesday is a little more interesting, not only is Harvey still stalled over Texas with heavy rain. It looks like another tropical system is developing off of South Carolina. At first it will not appear to be an tropical storm, but may evolve into a named tropical cyclone as it passes between Nantucket and Bermuda early Wednesday.

Either way, it will generate gale to storm force wind offshore, with seas building to 3 to 5 feet along our south coast.

High clouds may dim the sun in southern New England as that storm passes by. But for most of us it's another dry day with temperatures again 70s. Wind at the south coast make gust past 25 miles per hour from the northeast.

Another front from Canada is getting close later Wednesday with some increasing clouds. That front will likely pass New England on Thursday with a thunderstorm and temperatures near 80 degrees.

New air from Canada arrives on Friday and likely lasts through next weekend. It will initially be pretty chilly on Friday, with a gradual warming trend for Labor Day weekend.

Details of the weather each afternoon have yet to be determined, although it looks mostly dry at this time.

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