Jim Carrey on Kissing Ewan McGregor: It Was a “Dream Come True”

Lots of people have probably wanted to kiss Scottish actor Ewan McGregor. Jim Carrey did and now he's sharing the details.

In their upcoming movie, I Love You Phillip Morris, the two actors play prison inmates who start a love affair. Over the course of the film, they engage in several on-screen lip locks, and according to Us Magazine, it was quite the experience for the comedian.

It was "a dream come true," Carrey said of kissing McGregor. "I mean, look at the guy. I have to say he is a great kisser."

The story is loosely based on the life story of Steven Jay Russell, a con man, impostor and multiple time prison escapee who was well-known in the 1980s and 90s. Each time he escaped, he was thrown back in prison and reunited with his lover, Morris.

While Carrey said that at times kissing another man was "a little prickly," he didn't have problems filming the scenes.

"Actually, you had to put of out your mind your own sexual preference and just try to understand that you were loving another person who happens to be a guy," he said. "It wasn't about male or female, love is love."

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