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Rosie O'Donnell Fires Back At Trump After Debate Jab

The candidate brought O'Donnell up while discussing his history of sexist comments

Longtime Donald Trump nemesis Rosie O'Donnell somehow found herself dragged into the middle of Monday's must-see presidential debate when the Republican nominee, unprompted, went into a diatribe about his longtime feud with the former talk-show host.

"Rosie O'Donnell — I said very tough things to her, and I think everybody would agree that she deserves it and nobody feels sorry for her," Trump said.

The jab came while discussing Trump's history of sexist comments toward women, which he maintains were mostly directed at O'Donnell.

O'Donnell soon responded via Twitter. Referring to Trump as an "orange anus," O'Donnell shared a video of a segment from "The View" that originally sparked their feud.

The two have a long history of contempt for one another, dating back to 2006 when O'Donnell criticized Trump for a controversy surrounding the Miss USA beauty pageant. 

Trump's jab also didn't go unnoticed by several of O'Donnell's celebrity pals, who rushed to her defense. Seth MacFarlane, who tweeted "Am I in the ninth circle of Hell?" in regard to Trump's comments.

Singer Madonna, who co-starred with O'Donnell in "A League of Their Own," also weighed in on Twitter.

"Mess with my girl Rosie and you're messing with me!!! Cruelty never made anyone a winner," she wrote.

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