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On Her Mark: Team USA Gymnast Jordan Chiles On How ‘Big Sis' Simone Biles Guided Her on Her Road to Tokyo

Hannah Donnelly talks with the gymnast about what almost wasn't, what is, and what will hopefully be!

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It's been a blur for 20-year-old Jordan Chiles since she found out she made the Team USA gymnastics team for the Tokyo Games, a longtime dream come true.

But while Chiles has worked hard since she was a child in the sport she loves, she almost gave up in 2018.

"I don't think this sport really wants me, and it was kind of hard to truly feel that because I was, like, I've gone through so much just to get to where I am right now and being how I was and sad," says Chiles.

That all changed when she moved to Texas and got a pep talk from 'big sister', gymnastics GOAT Simone Biles.

"She told me, like, it's all up to you, you know, how to do things. If this is what you want to do, you just put your mind to it. And if it's not, then, that's on you because that's what you feel," remembers Chiles.

She wasn't ready to walk away and her experience in Texas changed everything.

For more on what she would tell her younger self, and how she plans to write her next chapter in Tokyo and beyond, watch her interview above.

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