Squalls Bring In The Cold

Chalk up another day with highs in the 40s. If you're keen to the numbers (like we are), you might be wondering if this is a little strange for winter. Indeed it is. In fact, in the month of January alone (officially the 10th warmest on record), there were 21 days of 40 or above in Boston. And December saw 22 days of 40 or warmer. Certainly this goes beyond the scope of a thaw. It's more like a super warm trend this winter.

We'll tack on another 40 degree day tomorrow as we await the arrival of the colder air this weekend. A cold front will be slicing through the area with a band of squalls in tow.

Visibilities may briefly be reduced as the squalls run by. In addition, temps will drop near freezing as gusty winds mix down some of the cold. With so much unstable air, chances are good for many hits tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled as the skies darken and the squalls race through.

Colder air pours in Friday and through the weekend. We'll actually get a chance to feel what REAL winter is like.

Next week, it's back to the stormy weather. What once looked like a smooth transition to warmth and rain now seems bogged down in snow, mix, ice and eventual rain by Wednesday. The trend is colder overall. Time will tell if we're talking more snow than rain in the days to come.

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