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Running on Air



    Anti-gravity treadmill relieves stress on joints of physical therapy patients (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN/WNYT: Benita Zahn) - Michelle Mickalonis is training for a triathalon in May, but an injury to her Achilles tendon almost sidelined her running.

    She's not losing a step thanks to training on the Alter G- the so called anti gravity treadmill.

    "I thought, oh my God. I have to have this machine. I felt so great. I never ran so fast. I felt like I was running on the moon" exclaims Michelle.

    To use the treadmill, you put on special shorts that have a tutu-like attachment. Then you're zipped into the machine. Your weight is recorded and then you and the physical therapist decide how much weight, in essence, to take off. Air is pumped in and you feel like you're being lifted off your feet.

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