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Missing Conn. Woman Found Safe After Encountering Bear



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    West Hartford Police
    Police have been searching for a missing West Hartford woman and said they might have found her in Avon.

    A Connecticut woman got lost on Metropolitan District Commission reservoir trails in West Hartford after running away from a bear on Tuesday and spent the night in the woods.

    Alexis Aldrich, 23, went for a walk on a familiar trail on Tuesday afternoon and decided to stray from her normal route when she came across a trail she had not been before.

    While checking out the new route, she got lost, came across a bear and ran to escape it.

    Disoriented, and without a phone to call for help, Aldrich couldn't find her way back and spent the night in the woods before she was found late Wednesday morning.

    The woman was shaken up from the incident and hungry, but medical personnel evaluated her as a precaution and determined she had no injuries.

    Her mother picked her up and took her home.

    The reservoir has over 30 miles-worth of trails and paths, so it's easy to get lost, said West Hartford

    Police Lt. Ted Stoneburner, who urges people not to walk alone if they can help it and to bring a phone with them so they have a way to call for help in an emergency.

    At least a dozen officers were involved in the search.