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Host a Fabulous 4th of July Party



    Host a fabulous 4th of July party

    Tips for chic and easy outdoor entertaining this Independence Day (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN) - The Fourth of July is a great time to gather with friends and family for a summer-time celebration.

    If you're looking to entertain - Amy Kimball of Amy Kimball Events has the perfect party tips for your outdoor plans.

    She joined "The Morning Show" to share some great ideas, including some beautiful displays for throwing a fabulous fete:
    Bright colored plastic plates -mix and match patters/colors

    Bright colored summer table linen and bamboo utensils


    Big lemonade dispenser Glassware

    Serve the refreshing beverages in mason jars

    - Don't forget the striped straws!

    Different shaped carafes for liquor with homemade labels

    Galvanized tin bucket with bottle opener (wines, beers, water) Backyard herb plants for garnishes ( ie. Mint leaves) 

    Easy centerpieces and decor:

    Sunflowers in pitchers 

    Candles in glass cylinders with sand 

    Mix of lanterns and votive candles 

    Keep the bugs away!

    Use a cheese plate with mesh cover 

    Organic bug repellent 

    Pretty citronella candles for perimeter of party area