Seth Moulton's Bid to Unseat US Congressman John Tierney

Moulton is raising a lot of money and buzz in the Democratic primary for Mass. 6th District

Congressman John Tierney eked out his re-election against Republican candidate Richard Tisei in 2012, and once again he faces a threat - but this time it comes from within his own party.

Three Democrats are vying to unseat Tierney in the primary for Massachusetts' 6th Congressional District on Sept. 9. Of the hopefuls, the one raising the most money and generating the most buzz is Seth Moulton.

Moulton, a Salem resident, is no stranger to tough battles, since he's a veteran of four tours of duty with the Marines in Iraq.

"I didn't agree with the war in Iraq, but I was proud to serve when my country called and certainly the ISIS threat in the Middle East is very serious, but I'm concerned about the president's response to just immediately send Americans back into positions where they could quickly get into combat," he said. "We need to deal with the ISIS threat, but fundamentally it's a threat that the Iraqi army should be able to address on its own."

Moulton said Tierney isn't accomplishing much while in Congress.

"We have the least effective Congress in our nation's history and Congressman Tierney has only passed one bill in 18 years, so he's one of the least effective congressmen in the country," he said. 

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