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Portland, Maine Preps for 4th of July Show - on the 5th



    Portland, Maine preps for 4th of July show - on the 5th

    Mother Nature caused the City of Portland to cancel its Fourth of July fireworks show (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Marnie MacLean) - Mike Woodbury and his son Reese expected to be packed up and gone by now - but sales of their Fourth of July toys took a big hit when Mother Nature decided to put on her own show in Portland Wednesday night.

    Just as the Portland Symphony Orchestra was preparing to play on the city's Eastern Promenade, a big storm came across the water - people scrambled as the rain, thunder and lightning moved in to the city.

    "We had carts tipping - a domino effect," said Woodbury. "People were chasing after their merchandise."

    Don and Monica Glencross had come up from Massachusetts and were headed to the fireworks when the storm hit.

    "When we saw the large bolts of lightning, it came down in buckets, so there was no way to be able to stay," said Don.

    With more storms behind that cell, the city chose to postpone the show until July 5.

    The city does buy weather insurance for the Fourth of July, and it needed to rain a half inch in order for the insurance to kick in.

    "Which amazingly we exceeded with at least 3/4 inch or rain," explained Nicole Clegg, City of Portland spokeswoman. "Our insurance will help cover cost of the concert and other aspects for the repeat today."

    So, the barge is still in the harbor loaded with fireworks. The stage remains ready to welcome the orchestra and determined fireworks fans claimed prime viewing spots early in the day.

    It's an extra shot for kids to walk away with a toy trinket, and another chance for Mike and Reese to make some money.

    Whether the crowds show up like they do on the Fourth is still a question, since Monica and Don won't be among the spectators.

    "We are headed back to Boston, no luck for us, no fireworks this year," said Monica.

    At least not the ones they were expecting to see.