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Project Weather: Coastal Concerns on Plum Island



    Project Weather: Coastal concerns on Plum Island

    Shorelines are dramatically changing in New England's coastal communities (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Danielle Niles) - "We've been here for over 33 years, we've had a very, very consistent beach and dune profile for 30 years," said Bob Connors. "It was really about 2009 that things started to dramatically change."

    Now - Plum Island has a new look. Plots of land where homes stood just last fall are now empty after a series of storms battered and bruised the coastline.

    It all proved to be too much for some homes - who fell victim.

    In all - six houses were taken down - some collapsing right into the ocean. Generations of memories were lost to the sea.

    "They do a stutter step too because they've seen it come up this far before," said conservation agent Doug Packer. "It gives you a different perspective when you are down here at high tide, you're watching over these homes and you have to knock on the door and pull someone out of their house.  You get it then."

    All of those who lost their homes will return to Plum Island in one way or another. Each property is now either in the process of re-permitting or rebuilding.

    "It's just awful. I mean, we on Plum Island and many coastal communities, we just viewed it if one home is in trouble, we're all in trouble," said Connors.

    Concerns continue to mount as the shoreline inches closer. It's a fear that's brought this tight knit coastal community even closer.

    After seeing the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the New York and New Jersey last fall, some are worried about the future of coastal communities like Plum Island.