BC students take hiatus to pursue startup

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January 23, 2013, 10:15 am

(NECN) - From Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg - there are many successful businessmen who put college on hold to follow their dreams.

Three young entrepreneurs in Boston are looking to do the same.

Thomas Coburn, Chase McAleese, and Jonathan Lacoste are all students of Boston College.

The three young men have taken a hiatus from class to work on Jebbit, an online advertising startup.

They have raised just over $250,000 to date.

Jebbit offers a Web service for consumer companies looking to boost awareness of their brands among college students.

Students log into Jebbit and answer questions about brands' products - based on information on the brands' websites - and the students get paid for their time.

Jebbit reports having 53 clients including Coca-Cola, Zipcar and Bose, while students from more than 2,500 colleges currently use the service - 20 percent of them in the Boston area.

Learn more about the business here.

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