Glenn Ordway out at WEEI

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February 13, 2013, 10:56 pm
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(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Boston) - He's known on the airwaves as The Big O.

He's worked for 27 years at WEEI and used to call Celtics games, and on Wednesday night, Glenn Ordway was out of a job.

"I apparently didn't do a good enough job in the last couple of years. And so I pay the price," Ordway said on the radio.

It's a shake up in the world that is Boston sports talk radio, and you'll hear a different voice in your car yapping Celtics and Bruins during drive time come next week.

WEEI, now 93.7 FM, has gotten rid of longtime sports talk show host Glenn Ordway, known best as the Big O.

We caught up with him on his way out of the station.

"You guys know how it works, the radio and tv business. You have a show and you run for a while and if you're lucky like I am you get 18 1/2 years with a show with phenomenal ratings," Ordway told us.

Ordway also took the high road when he delivered the news to his listeners at the start of his 2 p.m. show Wednesday.

"You want to say I got fired, say I got fired. If you want to say they just went into a different direction, they're going into a different direction. I have no issue and no problem with that," he said on air.

VP of Programming Jason Wolfe didn't want to speak on camera at their studios, but released a statement saying in part,

"Glenn and I have been together since day one. He is an icon in this business and he helped build WEEI into arguably the most successful sports station in history."

What hasn't been a secret and what he did not say was anything about recent ratings struggles as the Big Show with Ordway and co-host Michael Holley has fallen behind 98.5 The Sports Hub's Felger and Mazzarrotti in the same time slot.

I asked if there was any indication this might be coming?

"There's always an indication in this business. I mean everybody's trying to get much younger right now," Ordway said.

Longtime friend and WEEI host Mike Adams found a joke through his disappointment.

"Well there's going to be more food foe everybody, naturally. I've been waking up to his show for 18 and a half years, about 2 o'clock every day. Roll out of bed, put on the Big Show, have a bowl of cereal, it's going to be a bit different," Adams said.

Outside the Garden before the Celtics game, the many radio listeners had a lot to say, as well.

"It's about time, gotta change it up. They got to get a new face in here," one man said.

"I like the guy, I honestly like the guy. I can't see why they fired him," another man said.

Michael Holley will stay and get a new co-host at some point soon.

Ordway's last show is Friday.

When I asked Ordway what's next, he said, "stay tuned."

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