Some Markey supporters question candidate's Senate strategy

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February 20, 2013, 7:23 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) - Conventional wisdom says Congressman Ed Markey has a leg up in the special election U.S. Senate race; however, some supporters are expressing frustration that Markey isn't being bold on the campaign trail.

As Congressman Ed Markey campaigns for U.S. Senate, polls show he has a solid lead over his primary opponent Stephen Lynch, his war chest is the fullest compared to the other candidates and he continues to pick up support from the establishment.

But there is fear among his supporters that Markey is running a front runner strategy that could backfire in a short special election.

A post on the Facebook page Politico Friends, written by a Markey support, sums up the concern: "The Congressman needs to get out there and campaign - retail, press the flesh stuff. Perhaps he is doing things, but on the South Shore I see, hear nothing. Don't run another Coakley campaign."

The post goes on to point out that Lynch has been very visible and is making gains in the polls, and if former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan gets into the race, Republicans will have another "press the flesh" candidate like Scott Brown.

"This has scary last special election-esque campaign beginnings all over it," the Facebook post continued.

"The rush of the Democratic establishment to endorse Ed Markey has been both a blessing and a curse," Boston University analyst John Carroll says.

Carroll says the resources are great, but when times are tough, the establishment is often the one you blame.

"The whole idea that they're going to install their chosen candidate in the Senate seat is something that the voters have already rejected once, they did it with Martha Coakley," he says.

Markey dismissed the criticism, saying he has been out all over the state, including Brockton earlier Wednesday and a stop in Lowell later that same night.

"Over the last several days, I've been in Lawrence and Lynn, in Beverly, in Somerville and I am going 24 hours a day, seven days a week and I will be throughout the whole course of this campaign," Markey says.

But these are mostly private gatherings of key supporters and donors - which are not announced to the public or the media.

The Markey campaign says it will now start posting a daily schedule, something the Lynch campaign has been doing for weeks.

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