Gadhafi not backing down

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February 23, 2011, 7:43 pm

(NECN: Greg Wayland) - It's an international scramble to leave Libya with the U.S. trying to rescue its citizens. Chartered planes were denied permission to land. the state department is resorting to a ferry.
Meanwhile, a Libyan military aircraft reportedly crashed after the crew refused to bomb the city of Benghazi and parachuted out.

Benghazi  is among the cities believe to be under opposition control. Gadhafi opponents appear to be gaining ground -- posting YouTube video -- getting out images of government violence. The reports now are well over a thousand killed. so this may turn into a very, very bloody situation.
But Gadhafi isn't backing down.
The Obama Administration has a strong message for Libya. Hillary Clinton: "The United States continue to watch the situation in libya with alarm. we join the international community in strongly condemning  the violence.

The other day, Gadhafi raged for an hour in the rubble of his former house that was bombed by the Americans in the 1980s.
I am supported by millions. And by God, he shouted
As a 27-year-old army colonel, he led the a September, 1969 Army coup that toppled libya's monarchy. re-stored strict Islamic rule, drove out U.S. and British air bases, bought weapons with his nation's oil riches,declared his hatred for Israel and has held power ever since.

Boston University professor A. Richard Norton: "But he's always been something of an unguided missile and the late Anwar Sadat used to describe him in Arabic as mahajoon, which means crazy. "
Diplomats say he's afraid to fly over water, travels with a ceremonial bedouin tent and team of female bodyguards. And he still has his supporters.

Norton: "I think what we're going to see here is a fragmentation of political authority. I don't think Gadhafi's going to be able to hang on for the long haul and i think this could drag out for weeks and maybe even a month or two."
Which means the violence will continue.

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