Dramatic video: Wild bull jumps fence into rodeo crowd

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February 26, 2011, 8:46 pm
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(NECN/ANN CONNER) - Having front-row seats for a rodeo sounds like a pretty exciting time. But a North Carolina couple wasn't prepared for their experience. 

The husband and wife were charged by a high-jumping bull!

It happened at the Old Ford Fire Department Rodeo in Williamston. Rodeo workers were trying to round up the bull after a rider fell off, but the bull had other ideas.

Video shows the bull jumping over a five-foot fence and into the stands... and then back out again. Butch Trimnal pushed his wife out of the bull's way, but they both were injured. They were able to drive themselves to the hospital.

Officials at the venue offered the couple assistance with their medical bills, and unlimited tickets to any future events.

As for the bull, he wasn't injured and was used again later in the show.

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