Japan Airlines begins Boston-Tokyo service

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April 22, 2012, 6:23 pm

(NECN: Scot Yount, Boston) - The world just got a little smaller.

Executives cut the ribbon Sunday for the first nonstop flight from Asia to Logan Airport with Boeing's 787 Dreamliner.

Japan Airlines and Logan Airport are celebrating the service, which takes just 13 hours to get from Logan to Tokyo Japan. The route takes travelers over the polar ice cap, to in essence, the other side of the globe.

For passengers, it's a wonderful time saver.

"Honestly I didn't expect that it was like happen to be the grand opening of the Dreamliner airliner and I am thankful to be on this trip, and good luck to the airline," said passenger Tuyet Nguyen.

"The flight was there, so i just booked it without realizing that this is first flight ever,"said and excited Jee Yeong who is headed to Korea after reaching Japan.

With larger, electronically dimmed windows and mood lighting, the 787 is different from most other airplanes. The aircraft is largely constructed from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, which, along with new engines, makes the aircraft lighter and more fuel efficient according to Boeing.

The plane can carry up to 250 passengers for 8200 nautical miles while burning 20 percent less fuel. In short, that means it could fly from Boston to Seattle turn around fly back to Boston and then back to Seattle again without stopping.

At this point, some 400,000 travelers leave Boston's Logan Airport destined for Asia.  If 60,000 of those people begin using this service, then Japan Airlines hopes to expand to other markets, perhaps Shanghai and Beijing.

"It's going to stimulate the business that's been done between Asia and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts because of that very fact, you cut off round trip almost six hours of your travel," said Ed Freni, Logan Airport's director of Aviation.

And time, and perhaps more importantly, comfort, is money.

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