Twitter co-creator tells Becker College graduates to dream big, start small

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May 14, 2012, 7:44 pm
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(NECN: Kristen Doucet) -  There was some sound advice from the co-creator of Twitter this morning at the Becker College commencement.
Dom Sagolla urged students to stay focus on what they love.

Karen Hamilton and Kenneth King both graduated from Becker College Monday.

As education majors, their celebration comes with concern.

Both say teaching jobs are highly competitive.

"When schools put out resume packages, there's 200 people who apply for one position; that's huge competition," says Hamilton.

The Associated Press reports graduates are entering one of the toughest job markets in recent memory with 1 in 2 either underemployed or unemployed.

Still, King feels confident he will secure a position.

"There are jobs out there and we have resources and Becker does give us the opportunity to use those resources to help us find jobs," says King.

Director of career services Eric Saczawa says the school has been working with students preparing them for life after graduation.

"Since January and February, we have been in the classroom doing many programs, resume and cover letter writing to networking and navigating a successful job fair," Saczawa says.

He says networking with the help of social media is one of the most important things an applicant can do.

"Twitter is a great way to do that, join discussion groups on twitter regarding the career you're trying to get into."

Fitting advice since Dominic Sagolla, the co-creator of Twitter, was Becker's commencement speaker.

His message to students emphasized three main points: simplicity, constraint and focus.

"Simplicity is its own reward; do it for its own sake. Embrace constraints because they enable creativity and lastly focus on what you love to do."

Sagolla says students should always take what they see as disadvantages and turn them into advantages.

His main message? Success comes by starting small.

"I'd start with a tweet; start with one sentence that describes what you are trying to do. Dream big; start small."

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