Thousands of runners complete Boston Marathon

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May 25, 2013, 1:10 pm
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(NECN: Scot Yount, Boston) - "We had that opportunity to run that final mile, stolen from us," said J. Alain Ferry, who organized the One Run.

It's a chance to make good on the final mile of the Boston Marathon and show the world that Boston as a city stands strong. Many people at the 'One Run' didn't get a chance to finish the race, others came to show support because everyone was affected.

"From physical injury or mental injury from seeing things that they should never have seen, this is a tribute to everybody, it is representative of everyone impacted by this," said Ferry.

Speeches and music, thoughts for the final mile. It was an event that pulled many closer together.

"Forty days ago, people started off from Hopkinton, and today we're all running as one," said Michael Ross, who is a candidate for Mayor of Boston.

One of those victims was Allison Byrne, who was unable to finish because of being wounded in the blasts after part of a pressure cooker was lodged inside her leg. Her goal on this day, much more than finishing the Boston Marathon.

"I have a desire to help out the local businesses, I have a desire to get over my fear of walking down Boylston Street with crowds, I think it is all positive for everybody so I am happy to be part of it," said Byrne.

And there is Jarrod Clowery -- down on the finish line to urge the runners on -- he, too, suffered severe injury that day.

But on this day, he walked down Boylston Street stronger than ever.

"Experience I can't imagine I was just a spectator to cheer on the real heroes the runners and the Boston PD and all the first responders, are the real heroes of this," said Clowery.

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