Better Business Bureau warns of Comic-Con scams

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July 18, 2013, 7:17 am
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(NECN/KNSD: Bob Hansen) – It’s the first day of comic-con international, a pop culture extravaganza held annually in San Diego, Calif.

More than 100,000 people gather to attend the event. But some hopeful attendees were disappointed when they found out their tickets were fakes.

Downtown San Diego is a hive of activity as comic-con is taking shape in and out of the convention center.

"There are people that have been living in San Diego their entire life, want to go to comic-con, and have never been able to get a ticket," says Sheryl Reichert, with the Better Business Bureau.

And those tickets seem to be harder and harder to get every year, and that creates problems.

"They are just an extraordinarily high demand so we see ticket scams on steroids," Reichert says.

The Better Business Bureau is warning everyone who comes to town for the popular comic convention not to buy tickets from strangers, especially strangers selling tickets
online, through popular websites like Ebay and Craigslist.

"The con men are asking for money, up front, and often times you won't even get a ticket or you'll get fake tickets so you'll show up to the event and won't be able to get in," Reichert says.

Whether it's a comic convention or a major sporting event, when you have passion and a limited number of tickets, you know the scam artists won't be far away.

Remember, like last year, the passes do not come through the mail. You have to claim your tickets at the convention center and do it in person.

Anyone who says they are reselling tickets on behalf of comic-con is flat out lying.

"But you have to show up with the bar code, and they are going to print it you in your name, with your identification."

And once you have that ticket, keep it safe. Last year, there were reports of people grabbing their passes and running away.

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