TSA investigating racial profiling at Boston's Logan Airport

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August 13, 2012, 8:15 am

(NECN: Kristen Caira, Boston) - Are workers at Boston's Logan Airport racially profiling people that pass through security checkpoints?

That's what the TSA is investigating right now.

According  to the TSA, more than 30 of its officers who employ the behavior detection program here at Logan have filed internal complaints. Those complaints came to light at a recent TSA meeting of its officers. Several dozen complain that black, Hispanic and middle eastern passengers have been routinely pulled aside for searches that are designed to scan for behavioral cues such as sweating, fidgeting and avoiding eye contact.

“When I was younger, I would get pulled aside almost every single time I went through customs to the point where we would have bets that I would be the last one out if I went with a group of people,” said passenger John Rovrigues.

“What other option do you have? I haven’t heard any valid option. So until then we just have to live with it,” said a female passenger.

“If I focus my attention on middle eastern men between age 30 and 30 and I do that kind of racial profiling, what’s to prevent them from going to their Irish girlfriend and having her carry something on the plane,” said  retired FAA administrator Brian Sullivan.

TSA released the  following statement:
“If any of these claims prove accurate, we will take immediate and decisive action to ensure there are consequences to such activity.”

There has been at least one complaint from a passenger, so far.

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