Elderly couple becomes the next internet sensation

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September 15, 2011, 11:31 am
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(NECN/CNN: Meghan Kalkstein, McMinnville, OR) - A few days ago, they were just another couple in Oregon. Now they are internet superstars, and everyone is clamoring for a few seconds of their time.

"I've never had such an exciting day in my life" Esther Huffman said.

She and her husband, Bruce, have become an internet sensation overnight. The couple's video "Web Cam 101 for Seniors" went viral, and the two had no idea the camera was recording.

"I have to say I thought it was just going to be funny because it's my grandparents so it's funny to me." Granddaughter Mindy Paulson said.

Paulson posted the video on YouTube after Esther came up with the idea.

Now, the elderly couple is jumping from Skype interviews with stations across the country to local radio hits.

For now, the Huffmans are just enjoying the moment. And with calls even coming in from Hollywood, this might not be the last the world sees of Esther and Bruce.

"Who knows, we might get the Esther and Bruce show" Bruce said.

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