Joe@Batt: Parking app?

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September 23, 2011, 9:52 pm
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(NECN: Joe Battenfeld) - Anyone who lives around Boston knows how frustrating it can be just to drive around the city. The only thing more frustrating: trying to find a parking spot.

Is relief on the way?

Here's how we usually find a parking spot in Boston: a sudden jerk of the wheel.

Maybe some well-placed furniture but in this dingy garage some BU engineering students and their professor have come up with a better idea.

This is the smart parking app turning the maddening battle for parking into a science.

The system will find the best parking spot for you.

BU professor Chris Cassandras says the app which was first tested on this miniature city on a lab floor then in a real garage uses special software that could someday allow every motorist to reserve and pay for a space using just their phone.

And in a city where up to 30 percent of all cars are looking for parking and finding a space is like hitting the lottery that could make a lot of drivers very happy.

“If while you're driving we find a better parking spot we will assign you we are always trying to make things better for you,” said Cassandras.

If it works as well on the streets as in this garage, Cassandras believes the day will come when local drivers can actually say they are pretty smaht about pahking

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