Boston chef shows you how to cook perfect Thanksgiving turkey

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November 27, 2013, 11:44 am
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(NECN) - Are you stuck in a turkey rut? And tired of cooking the same old turkey every Thanksgiving, where the white meat is too dry and the dark meat usually isn't cooked enough? Well, we've got some helpful tips on how to cook the perfect bird, and it’s not in a way you might think.

Chef Michael Schlow, owner and executive chef of Tico, shows us how.   

Unfortunately, he says, the breast is finished before the legs are traditionally cooked. So by cooking them at two different times, you guarantee the breast will stay moist and juicy while the legs will be tender and roasted.

He says the trick is all about timing. The legs will take about 45 minutes to an hour longer than the breast, and they will be cooked on a slow oven to make for a juicy turkey.

Schlow says it’s a really great way to cook turkey.

“It’s a little bit different. It’s not the way we sort of envision Thanksgiving. But I promise if you try it, this will be the best bird and you can be very, very proud that you made the juiciest and best turkey of the holiday season.”

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