New Englanders prepare for weekend snow storm

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December 13, 2013, 9:43 pm
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(NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Weston, Mass.) - A winter snowstorm is on the way.

The storm will be long in duration, expected to last 24 hours.

At the Shaw's in Watertown, Mass., many people took the preparations in stride.

Anna Curry of Waltham says she was out buying some items for a gathering in New Hampshire and some milk for her mother.

"I think it's just because she wants to make sure she has everything in the house," said a smiling Curry.

The Mass Department of Transportation says plows, salters, and sanders will be called in at noon Saturday to pretreat the highways and other roads.

The timing of the storm is in their favor.

The majority of the snow will fall Saturday night into Sunday morning. That's when most are home from work and school.

Frank DePaola of the Mass DOT says they have "four thousand pieces" of hired equipment ready to go and that due to the length of the storm, "we may end up in a situation where we send the initial responders home and being in fresh rested people for the clean-up phase."

The Butlers, an elderly couple from Waltham, say they're also feeling good about the snow after making a few purchases at their local True Value by Ideal hardware store including windshield wiper fluid and ice melt.

The hardware store is stocked from top to bottom with bags of that ice melt, along with scrapers, snowblowers, shovels, sleds, and other snow related items.

Manager Randy Aronofsky says they did "three to four times" their normal business Friday.

He says they buy pallets of ice melt by the truckload so they always have it "in stock."

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