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PD: Woman Sprays Lighter Fluid After 3-Year-Old Taunts Her



    Vernon Police
    Laverne Mayo is accused of spraying a group with lighter fluid after a child taunted her.

    After a 3-year-old child taunted her through a window, a Vernon woman grabbed lighter fluid and sprayed it at a group of people she was arguing with, including a child, according to police. 

    Police said they responded to 74-76 Union St. at 9:38 p.m. on Tuesday to investigate a disturbance and found 48-year-old Laverne Mayo and several neighbors outside in a heated verbal argument. 

    As police investigated, they learned that a 3-year-old child in a neighboring apartment was allegedly taunting Mayo through a window and that led to an argument between Mayo and several adult neighbors. 

    The argument then escalated and Mayo is accused of picking up a bottle of lighter fluid and spraying it toward the group, police said. 

    Some lighter fluid hit the arm of an adult who had pushed a 15-year-old out of the way so the teen wouldn’t be struck, police said. The adult wasn’t injured. 

    Mayo was arrested at the scene and charged with second-degree breach of peace and risk of injury to a child. 

    She was held overnight in lieu of a $5,000 bond and will appear in Rockville Superior Court today.

    It's not clear if she has an attorney.