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Kylie Jenner Fires Back at 'Haters' After Lip Kit Company Gets BBB F Rating

The Better Business Bureau said Jenner's company is working with BBB to resolve these complaints and that a new rating will be issued after a review



    Kylie Jenner Fires Back at 'Haters' After Lip Kit Company Gets BBB F Rating
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    Kylie Jenner attends the "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 2, 2016 in New York City.

    Kylie Jenner has broken her silence after her company Kylie Cosmetics, maker of her popular Kylie Lip Kits, received an F grade from the Better Business Bureau after customer complaints.

    Following media reports about the low rating Tuesday, the grade was changed to a C, then a B-, then to nothing.

    The Better Business Bureau stated Wednesday that "Kylie Cosmetics currently has no rating" and that it "previously had an F rating due to unresolved complaints as well as a pattern of complaints regarding issues related to the delivery of orders."

    It said Jenner's company is working with BBB to resolve these complaints and that a new rating will be issued after a review.

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    "You guys are the reason I keep going and I'm motivated every day to make Kylie Cosmetics the best it can be," Jenner, 18, said on her website Wednesday. "I'm continuing to learn and I just want to make everyone happy. Because so many of you spoke out, I'm excited to tell you that the Better Business Bureau has looked at the facts and changed the rating."

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    The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star said she has sold "millions of Lip Kits" that and any complaint her company has ever received to date "has been addressed in a timely manner."

    "I'm sick and tired of people coming for my business," she said. "I love everything about Kylie's Cosmetics and I will do anything in my power to protect and improve it every day and make you guys happy. I don't want to respond to the haters but you guys deserve an answer and to know the facts. I love you and apologize to anyone who felt the urge to complain and didn't receive the service they deserve."

    The BBB website lists 134 closed complaints about Kylie Cosmetics —70 related to delivery issues and 55 to problems with the product and/or service. Others had issues with advertising, sales and billing.

    It states that in May, it contacted Jenner's business about a "pattern of complaint allegations wherein complainants alleged that packages ordered were not delivered or only partially full when received."

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    "The company replied that because their product is shipped in highly recognizable packaging, they feel that packages are being vandalized or stolen," BBB stated. "The company also indicated that they were taking steps to change their packaging so that it is less recognizable."

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    A BBB rep said in a statement to E! News that following the media reports about the F grade, Jenner's company contacted the group to "find out how to improve their rating," and forwarded "verified information regarding their volume of business."

    "We entered the new figure (which was much larger than the figure we had) into our algorithm and the rating went up," the rep said. "Also, the company had five unresolved complaints. As the company gradually resolved the complaints (much to the delight of the customers I might add) their rating improved a little more. However, as our report explains the company still has a pattern of complaint allegations that is reducing their rating. That will remain there until the pattern dissipates."

    The rep added that "many additional" reviews of Kylie Cosmetics, including complaints, were sent in since it was reported the company received an F grade.

    "We don't report the complaints until after we are finished processing them and the customer reviews are on a 72-hour hold to give the company a chance to respond," the rep said. "The bottom line here is, all of this attention has certainly benefited the company's customers and will also prove to be beneficial for the company, I hope."

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