Trending Now: Karate Robot

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Mr. Miyagi may have found his latest “Karate Kid." You might recognize this pose from the 1984 flick and thirty years later, the pose has been picked up by robots. This one and others like it will soon be competing in a robotics challenge. Getting robots to walk, let alone balance on one foot, is a huge accomplishment. This one, called “Atlas,” was actually made by Boston Dynamics out of Waltham.

A Facebook post by a soldier's wife has other military wives following suit. Her husband suffers from PTSD, so to share what her family's been going through, she posted a picture with a strong message of hope on her back. Now military families are posting similar pictures about what their families are going through. She says her message isn't just about military families. It's for anyone who's suffering from trauma.

It was an early epiphany for a two-year-old who isn't exactly potty trained yet. He saw his older brother's underwear in a drawer and was eager to get out of diapers. So his mother tells him that his older brother used to wear diapers and his dad used to wear them too. The two-year-old’s mind is blown.

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