CEO Corner: Family Photo Business

(NECN) - Hunt's Photo & Video is the largest digital imaging equipment retailer in all of New England.

Third-generation president Scott Farber joins Peter Howe on CEO Corner and explains how the company is growing, even though more and more people rely on their phones for photos and the internet for bargain hunting.

You might say things to a sibling more directly than you would to another business associate. When it’s all in the family, sometimes things can get done faster.

Farber talks about the nature of running a family business.

"Having a family business - it creates a lot of drama and problems and things, but it also allows you to do things quickly. It allows you to make decisions quickly. It allows you to work with each other on a more personal level to get things done," said Farber. "It helps us evolve and keep up with changes faster."

See the attached video for the complete segment.

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